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Need water? Stop by St. Stephen's Grace Community Church on Saturdays or Institute of Intriguing Minds on Fridays for our weekly water distribution. Gallon jugs encouraged!

Interested in finding out more about NWC? Visit our office at 311 Clinton Ave between 12pm-7pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Need food? We have community fridges at 7 Wilson Ave and 125 Fairmount Ave. We have a community pantry at 103 Garside St.


Doing your own research is so important in educating others on the crisis. The most important website to use is the DEP's water watch website which can be found here. For Newark you can type in "Newark" under the water system name and click enter.  Three water systems will come and the first link is for the city of Newark. The violations and chemical compositions of the city's water comes up and you can also find out who the city sells its water too. The more facts you are aware of the better off you are and can protect yourself and family.  

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